Best Tips for Rock Climbing

This exercise is part of climbing of mountain that cannot be climbed in the normal way or walk and had to use the equipment as well as specific techniques to reach the top. For you who want to try out the nature of the sport, there are some things you should consider for rock climbing can walk safely. Here are some tips in Rock Climbing.

  • Warming up and stretching

Warming up and stretching will help increase the circulation of the body in order to be better prepared. Take your time to at least make it half an hour before the start of rock climbing in order for the arms and muscle weakness. Warming up and stretching helps the joints, ligaments and muscles to be ready to move and be able to last longer adjusting State in rock climbing to avoid a serious muscle injury.


  • Read and look at the route to be climbed

When talking about rock climbing is not just skills associated with physical strength alone. Climbers who are experts will equip themselves with the ability to read the route of the terrain for a climb. Before you begin to climb imagine in advance all the steps that you will take as much as possible from what you can see from the ground. Write down all the things you would do in your minds. Continue to increase the ability to imagine the route before climbing. The more you do it the better it will be your ability to rock climb.

  • Improve balance

The first thing that needs to be improved a good rock climbing technique will balance your body and how you control your balance against the cliffs. Your feet will probably stick together on two points, a change like this requires a readiness and a good balance with the position changing. Good sensitivity will balance your body is the key to moving smoothly.

  • Keep the body closer to the wall

Keeping the body closer to the wall in order to stay at the midpoint of the balance against the cliff wall or the back of the body. Close to the wall does not mean having to continually close but how do we adjust against the State as well.

  • Note speed

Most climbers move slowly with using a static technique by moving to another point which is the closest and irregular, some chose using dynamic techniques to move from one point to another point at random.

Each is a great movement in rock climbing. Rapid movement is intended to allow the upper body fatigue has not withstood the load at one point only and determine the right moment to look for a point of silence. Adjust well to the terrain you are going through in using the technique of the movement.

  • Increase muscle strength

Sports rock climbing combines strength and endurance. As the muscles of the body would you use, increase the ability of the muscles of the body that you most often use for rock climbing in order to strength and power continues to grow.


6 Smart Tips for Hiking

Mountain climbing has become an interest of its own peculiar hobby for some people with having some fun activity. However, some people again hold that mountain climbing is a very heavy thing and a thing that is futile even to no avail. But not forever such activities did not provide a real benefit. There are so many benefits that can be obtained from this mountain climbing activities, ranging from health, valuable experience, memorable photos and many more benefits.

Other activities such as trekking, this also requires the preparation of physically and mentally as well as other preparations especially if someone who will be doing the ascent does not yet have the experience in terms of mountain climbing. It is important for the safety and comfort on the climbing activities so that climbers can enjoy the trip with joy and passion. Well, on this article we will share tips on smart mountain climbing.

  1. Dig up the information

The most important thing in preparation for climbing the mountain was dug as many information. The information required is very much like transportation, routes, location, distance and time of climbing, the climbing terrains as well as possibly the need to look out for as the damaged line, weather and storms. These things are absolute to be known so that the climb will be able to run smoothly. Would be even better if you have the map of the ascent before the ascent is carried out, you can find out detailed information by searching through the internet site.

  1. Preparation of stock and equipment

That is no less important than the thing that must be prepared to climb the mountain are preparing stock and the equipment. Try not to forget to bring goods or equipment required such as:

  • Stick
  • Flashlight
  • Personal equipment: replace the shirt, jacket, shoes, and other
  • Mild medicine and specialized medicine for those who have the disease to anticipate the occurrence of relapse
  • Cutlery and cookware cooking generally provide climbing as small pot, paraffin stoves, matches, and more.
  • Foods such as snacks, bread, instant noodles, drinking water and other materials needed
  • Essential energy such as brown sugar or Palm sugar, honey and drink supplements
  1. Physical preparation for mountain climbing

The next thing you have to note that is the physical preparation. This physical is very important when climbing the mountain. If you plan to climb the mountain in the near future so keep your health with adequate rest and be with regular and regular exercise. Sports can be done swimming, jogging, fitness cycling and others as needed. This is done so that your muscles get used to the strenuous activities that do not frequent muscle cramps caused shock due to exceptional events.

  1. Share with groups

Mountain climbing along with the group is safe and also more fun than climbing is done alone. More benefits to joining a group is to have team talk and if there is something like an accident or injury, it will be handled and helped quickly.

  1. Enjoy and don’t marathon

The point of the marathon was a trip to climb mount done up to the summit without a break. This will lead to fatigue and less memorable. We recommend that you rest with sometimes that has been provided and enjoy the beauty of natural view while mountain climbing. Recess can release the tired and exhausted so that when you continue the journey can be fresher and enjoy carefree days with the atmosphere so that the energy you are not drained.

  1. Obey the rules of the climb

In the process of climbing try to obey the rules made for the climbers during a hike in the mountains that serve as a place to climb. Avoid littering the mountain climbing area with impurities such as rubbish.

So note these six smart hiking tips to for the sake of security and comfort of climbing will be undertaken by the climbers. This information will give you an idea for you that might be interested in trekking and climbing are planning in the near future. Prepare carefully and the most important is always praying to God in order to be always protected and facilitated in the climbing activities. May be a useful and happy adventure.

How to Choose Climbing Ropes

First of all, a good climbing rope can give you the climbing addiction. That’s why you have to select the best rope for your climbing. Nowadays, there are many quality rope which are used in our modern climbing. But you have to select the right rope and this article will help you to select the right rope. Ropes are classified into two types. These are Dynamics ropes and Statics ropes which are involved in climbing.

Dynamics Ropes

This is one type of stretchy rope for hill climbing which can absorb shocks during fall and don’t break you back from the impact.

how to choose dynamic ropes

Static Ropes

This types of rope for rescue and rappelling which stretches a little compare to Dynamics ropes.

how to choose static ropes

The Right Rope for You

It is true that most of the climbers don’t have a lot of rope or an arsenal of ropes. The most commonly used rope that is 60 meters long having 9.5 to 10.5 mm diameter. You have to consider that the actual weight of the rope is quite more than the weight of your pack. Ropes that are 7 to 8.5 mm are very light weight for alpine and multi-pitch outings. This types of rope are usually used in a twin. There are different types of rope which we have discussed one by one.

Workhorse Singles: The rope which can hold up to a lot of use and abuse is tropically called Workhorse single rope. It can help on the rough edges and space routes. The diameter of this rope is large that’s why it easy to hold.

  • Ideal uses: High walls, extreme roping, huge working on sports routes.
  • Shortcomings: Big as well as heavy in terms of your pack.

Skinny Singles: Basically, these ropes are trendy, tawdry and also leathery. The light weight of this rope gives you a big advantage. You can use this rope in hard sports routes and that is why this rope is so popular.

  • Ideal uses: More light and fast for on sights and another point at your limit.
  • Shortcomings: Has some risk of rope cutting over an edge and also have difficulty in catching a fall.

Half Ropes: Half ropes are excellent for wandering and long routes. There are a lot of advantage of this types of rope whether on rock, ice or mixed. But it is more complicated than the single or twin methods.

  • Ideal uses: Traveling in multi-pitch rock or any alpine routes that you will need to rappel.
  • Shortcomings: Energy consuming to use for the extra bulk.

Twin Ropes: These are also great 2 rope which is lighter as well as less bulky compare to half ropes. Most of ice and trad climbers are use twin ropes because rappers always need 2 ropes because rappels most of the time require two ropes and the added security of two life traces can also be very mentally soothing

Static Ropes: If you don’t want to stretch your rope then this types of the rope only for you.

The Construction of Rope

In this part, we will discuss the terms which describe the parts of a rope:

  • Sheath: This is protective braided that cover of the rope. It conserves the core from getting cut and dirty. It also add some more strength as well as absorb shock.
  • Core: It can provide the actual majority of the strength and also shock absorption.
  • Kernmantle: It is a term that used in terms of rope. Actually it is German word having two words combination, kern and mantle. Kern meaning is core and the Mantle meaning is the sheath. When we opposed to old climbing ropes then only this type of construction are used.
  • Filament: It is the actual thinnest yarn which a rope is inlaid.

UIAA Criteria and Testing

Union International des Associations d’Alpinisme or UIAA is the international climbing and mountaineering federation which provides actual safety standards.

  • Dynamic elongation: Dynamics elongation refers to the amount of stretch during a dynamic fall. According to UIAA, the maximum dynamic elongation should around 30%.
  • Static elongation: This elongation is also called Working elongation. It is the actual amount of stretch in the rope with a 176 lb weight tied to the one end.

Dating: A Basic Guide and Useful Tips

What is dating? Seriously has it got anything to do with today’s date? Yes it does, that is if you are going to meet someone today, preferably of opposite sex, with whom you intend to have a romantic relationship.

Put in terms of dictionary, dating is a kind of courtship during which two individuals (of opposite sex) engage in various forms of social activities, express their feelings towards one another in the forms of letters, emails, phone conversations, are seen together in public places and needless to say become oblivious about the rest of the world.

Dating is a period during which two individuals who feels attracted towards one another try to get a clear idea about the tastes, preferences, personality, behavior and manners of one another. In short this is the time when you get to know one another. Traditionally a date is arranged only after the meeting, the venue and the time are mutually agreed upon by a boy and a girl or a man and a woman. But many youngsters are of the opinion that they find going for a blind date exciting because you do not have the slightest idea from before about the kind of person you are going to meet. While girls are usually perfect in their dress sense and appearance, the boys tend to lose it out on their first date itself.

Dating: A Basic Guide and Useful Tips

So here are a few dating tips for men:

  • Punctuality matters. Girls refuse to be waited upon. So be on time. After all first impression is the last impression. And you have to reach before her!
  • Girls love a display of chivalry. So when you get to a restaurant pull that chair out for her and make her seat comfortably at first. And yes, hand her the menu card and let her order.  Keep a smile hanging and nod to her decision.
  • Initiate a conversation. Stay on neutral topics. Do not dive headlong into politics or religion straightaway. A good congenial talk is advised.
  • Guys since it is the first date try to be easy. No touching of body parts or cuddling. It will scare her away. Your first impression should be impressive and trustworthy.
  • Look your best on a first date. It does not mean that you have to wear branded clothes. Just look smart in whatever you wear. Any decent clothes can turn you a smarter guy.
  • Select your venue mutually. For venue the two of you can easily meet up at a coffee shop, restaurant or go for a movie at a multiplex. It has to be a public place where the two of you can feel safe as well as have private moments.

For those who are still not lucky enough to go on a date can take the help of website.