5 Essential Climbing Tips

If you are an outdoor rock climber and looking for some climbing tips and techniques, have a look on the following tips. Who knows if it becomes of the best use when you are going to achieve the goal of your passion for climbing!

No 1

To be great climber you must fit yourself physically, mentally and technically as well. Unfortunately most of the climbers pay more attention only to prepare a perfect body. They usually thrash themselves into a gym for a long winter, bouldering, 4x4s, routes, and compassing shall make their dream come true in the spring. All of the stuffs, of course, help a climber to achieve physical fitness but there is a large numbers of climbers still climbing same grade as they did last year.

The actual truth is, for the beginner and the intermediate variety, a strong mind set up and good technique can get them further than strong vise grip and strong back. Anyone who wants a great body and physical fitness might go to a gym. So, training with purpose, the goal to improve technique is essential. Get good, not strong.

No 2

Every time when we are in the gym, we generally perform well, sometimes the best. But whenever we practically start outdoor rock climbing we face difficulties. And what is the reason behind? It is because we don’t have proper practical knowledge about outdoor climbing. We all know that practice makes a man perfect. Do practice more and more. You may face a lot of difficulties, you may fail again and again. But don’t give up hope. Focus on your climbing ability, do believe yourself, practice again and again. You will be able to detect the real problems you face and the problems you need work on. And finally you will make it.

No 3

Start climbing from bottom up, not from the top down. If you see the route’s top, of course, look attentively and if you see a pattern that working from goal down towards where you really are, but while you start climbing, remember to focus on climbing at the very bottom of route as climbing up. It is normal to have fear to heights. Climbing means overcoming those fears. Time will definitely cure all the fairs. Now, you can follow a simple trick to climb without fear. Avoid looking everywhere. Just kook to your feet and place them correctly.   

No 4

Most of the climbers develop the tunnel vision only and focus directly on what above them near to their hands. When they get stuck on this pattern, then the hips, legs, also the feet are easily forgettable. So, practice down climbing, let the feet lead you the way, shift the body to effectively utilize the feet.

No 5

Avoid comfortable loose-fitting shoes. Selecting the right pair of shoes is one of the most important works. It doesn’t matter how good you climb, I would like to recommend you to select a pair of shoes what are snug high end. It is climbing shoes what can really make difference on your climbing ability. So, consider buying the best high-end shoes you might find. Choosing the right shoes can prevent you from muscle injury, too.

For better climbing experience, it is needless to explain the importance of being active both physically and mentally.  These are the most essential techniques. I hope it’ll be helpful for you.

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