Camping Tips For Freshers

Are you preparing for a camping this weekend? Looking for some effective tips? Let’s have look. Here is a series of tips for a better camping. Everybody knows enjoying great meals in a beautiful natural setting is a great part of camping. But cooking in an open place is not as easy as we think. We must have a little bit of knowledge about what to cook and how to cook. Otherwise your perfect camping may become the worst.

camping tip for fresher

  • It is wise preparing meals that need only a few steps. It will save time and you will be able to spend more time to the tent with your mates. Look for a recipe that has actually been prepared for camp setting.
  • You can simply make your meal time easier at camp through prepping ingredients when at home. Chop, measure, dice, and mix ingredients comfortably in home kitchen and pack it while backpacking for camping.
  • You don’t need to panic about eggs or spoiled milk. You can simply make a pancake. It will get double like ice packs, then you thaw and cook it up.
  • A rake can make your cooking easy while you are in a camp. You need to cook all the hot dogs at a time but you have no grill, then you just need a rack.
  • Before you start cooking, organize the camp kitchen. Consider meals what need common ingredients. It will help you reduce number of the ingredients those you must bring.
  • For water storage, use gallon jugs. It is simple and easy to grab water in the specific way out for the campers. You can also use collapsible drinking water carriers or Igloo water cooler. And for especially personal use, you can choose water bottle, water bags or hydration bladders.
  • Create multiple watering station. Prepare a tap water station near the kitchen for the purpose of washing up. It is good to create another station for drinking water.
  • Tie the tent rope between nearest two tree to make a usable clothes line. You may now dry your wet cloths, hang boots and coat also. It could also be useful to protect things on the picnic table if unexpected showers appear suddenly.

  • Compression bags can be your good friend. They are pretty perfect for your sleeping bag, clothing, and also pillow. Because they generally compress contents down for saving valuable space. You can even stuff a useful compression bag and extra clothing in order to make an amazing pillow too.
  • It is very uncomfortable if you find your little campers unhappy around you. But the solution is simple. Keep them engaged with the activities they usually prefer like games or watching cartoon movies on your tab or DVD player etc. Bring tab with cartoon movies, it will keep them happy.
  • Always try to keep your valuable clothes warm especially if it is winter. To do so, you can put your extra clothes in sleeping bag when you sleep.
  • Camping is for refreshment. If it comes out boring and full of sufferings then you do not need to go for a camping. But you can make your camping best ever if you know the tips as discussed earlier.

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