How To Choose The Best Mattresses for Graco Pack and Play

For a busy mum or dad who dreads getting her or his eyes off the little one while enjoying a nice playtime, there are very few options. However, when such a parent hits the road, consciously abandoning this sacred duty is possible if he or she has a play yard for the baby. Today, these special mattresses are effortless to set up, providing you with a portable, safe place for your little champ to play or rest.

High-quality mattresses for Graco Pack and Play feature a rectangular design and are equipped with extra features to amuse your baby including detachable toy bars, mobiles, and/or entertainment features for music, remote control blinking lights and nature sounds. Although this baby product may not be top of your priorities, it is one thing you can spend on without regrets. So, how do you choose the best mattress for Graco Pack and Play?

Graco Pack 'n Play

Luckily, we have simplified things a little bit for you. Here are the most important factors worth considering if you want to you arrive at the best decision:

Your Preferred Style

When it comes to style, you have the opportunity to choose between basic and deluxe styles. Basic Graco Pack N Play mattresses are often lightweight and devoid of extras such as changing station or mobile. They are at the lower end of the spectrum, if I may. The deluxe models are high-end and often feature many add-on features. It also means they may not be pocket-friendly.

Portability and Weight

Weight and the ability to carry Graco Pack and Play around with you are obvious considerations but you have to proceed with caution. Lightweight models are great because you can carry them without being weight down by excess weight but there is the risk of poor strength and durability. Conversely, certain heavy models feature wheels or rollers that allow you to push them for easy portability and maneuverability. In all you do, be careful not to compromise quality for weight.

Ability To Fold And Reassemble

One of the most important features of a good mattress for Graco Pack and Play is its ability to fold and resemble easily. This is because most parents look for this baby product to carry along with for a social or family trip with their baby. Even some basic models have this feature, so, there is no need to ignore this important factor when you are looking for the best mattress for Pack and Play.


Play yards equipped with bassinets are equipped with canopies. A canopy is vital for this type of mattress especially if you are going to have your baby play in the sun. The canopy will provide shade for your baby in the harsh rays of the sun. Most canopies are designed to be removable when you no longer need the bassinet.

However, I do not see the importance of a canopy. A good advice is not to allow your little one to play under direct sunlight in the first place because babies have very thin skins, which cannot withstand the radiation and heat from the sun. They easily get sunburns and become overheated.

Best Mattresses Graco Pack and play

Availability of Storage Compartment

Some high-quality mattresses for Graco Pack and Play feature storage compartments for toys as well as other baby items in zippered side pockets, hook on fabric pouches, fabric shelves, and tiny clip-on parent organizer bags. These features may not be necessary for some parents but if you must use them, look for mattresses storage compartments that are big enough to accommodate something.


Comfort for your baby is an important consideration. Babies react terribly to discomfort and you do not want this to happen when you are out there. Therefore, you need to keep your baby’s comfort in mind when you are looking for the best Pack N Play mattress to buy. It should provide comfort and support while remaining soft enough for your baby’s delicate body.

Health and safety

In all you do, your baby’s health and safety should be your primary concern. When looking for the best Pack N Play to buy, go for a model that is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and a model certified free of dangerous and harmful substances such as lead and phthalates. The mattress must also comply or even exceed Federal Flammability Standards.


Your baby can have a memorable playtime if you provide him or her with the best mattress for Graco Pack and Play. If you use this guide, you will have very few chances of not getting it right. Do not hurry to make the decision. Check each of these factors against the features and specification of the mattresses of interest.

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