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Every day, we make a list of the most popular destinations, the best hotels and the latest trends in beauty and shopping. Our inspirations are the Internet; our global network of contacts and of course our research trips. I have a passion for traveling and head to play like on a research trip to Palermo in Italy, to Amsterdam, to the Kleinwalsertal in Austria or in the United Arab Emirates with its glittering metropolises Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

And yet, as soon as other travelers in the evening enjoy their drink on the balcony or celebrate in the city’s clubs into the night, is for us the working time only. I sort our experiences of the day, explore and edit the resulting photos and start first article about the vacation resort in order to write down the impressions as fresh as possible.

What’s new on BBC Connector?

If you read the posts of Editor and blog posts of BBC Connector regularly, you will have perhaps noticed: Visually we have set for you. I have responded to requests and suggestions. Content has also done a lot and in the menu bar, you can now find all the topics on my blog divided into clearly named ministries: Outdoor Guide,  Sports & Living, Shopping, Top 10, Tips & Trick.

Clicking on Home will take you to all the articles that we have ever published. However, you might seek a very special spa in the mountains or want to find out about the latest sports events? Then use the search box or click on the corresponding menu item.

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